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    We were commissioned to customise several handover gifts for two properties developed and managed by KeppelLand: Havelock II and The Wisteria.

    Havelock II

    Havelock II is a commercial property located in the Central Business District. KeppelLand wanted something premium as a handover gift for its unit owners. This was the result after many design changes and material sourcings: a premium leather handover folder.



    At the heart of every bag and folder we design and create is always our mission to make organising easy for everyone. And it also extends to the corporate gifts we designed exclusively for our clients too.

    Made of premium leather, there are several smart compartments within the folder to fit A4 size documents, CDs, 2 USBs, and pens from the developer. The folder is secured by a magnetic folded flap so that users can have easy access to the items in the folder.






    We also personalised the folder by tastefully embossing the name of the property on the front. And we are happy to report that our client was very happy and satisfied with the finished product.



    The Wisteria

    The Wisteria, a residential property at Yishun Ring Road, was managed and developed by KeppelLand too. KeppelLand had also commissioned us to design and create a keys handover folder exclusively for its home owners.

    AGVA Bags for Wisteria Condo Home Owners Keys Folder


    We took inspiration from our existing AGVA 10" Portfolio Gadget Folder and modified the interior to contain 15 key holders to hold the keys and the spares to the separate rooms in the home. Each key also comes with a personalised tag with labels to the doors they open.


    We must say that the OCD in us were very pleased with how the Handover Folder turns out. ;)

    The Handover Keys Folder were then put into a customised 15.6" Urban Denim Backpack to be handed to the home owner. We added a leather label with "Wisteria" embossed on it on the outside of the bag.


    Besides the Keys Handover Folder, the backpack also contained a stylish roll-down toiletry pouch for the home owners, with the condo's name printed on the outside. The toiletry pouch is made of water resistant material, and it can also be used to store cosmetics, and other items to keep your travel bag organised.

    AGVA roll-down toiletry pouch for Wisteria

    Lastly, to complete the Keys Handover gift package, we added a customised luggage tag with the condo's name printed on it to the backpack.



    Keen to order corporate gifts or corporate premiums from us? Contact us at or drop us a message here. We also take in corporate bulk orders! For more information, you can check out our corporate gifts FAQ here.