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    We are very grateful to have Marriott International as one of our recurring clients. Till date, we had worked with them on 3 projects:

    1. Sales Business Events

    Marriott Sales Office Team wanted to gift their business associates a travel gift that is both functional and of quality. Based on their requirements, we came up with this  3-in-1 travel gift set that comprise of a foldable travel duffel bag, 10" gadget insert organiser, and a customised Marriott luggage tag for the duffel bag.


    AGVA Foldable Duffle Bag for Marriott
    See how the bag transfoms into a big duffel bag!


    The AGVA Foldable Duffel Bag is an amazing bag which comes folded and zipped in a medium size pouch. It then transforms into a spacious and multi-purpose duffel bag when unzipped which can be checked in. This gives travellers the flexibility to shop more without needing to buy a second luggage! It also has external side pockets which are good and convenient for storing travel essentials.

    AGVA 10" Gadget Insert Organiser for Marriott

    AGVA 10" Gadget Insert Organiser

    The  AGVA's Gadget Insert Organizer is added to the 3-in-1 travel set because we feel that it complements the duffel bag and helps travellers organise and keep their tech gadgets and accessories easily on one slim board. We placed the organiser in the exterior pocket of the foldable duffel bag to give an element of surprise to the user. It's also very effortless to transfer it from one bag to another without repacking all the gadget accessories! We customised the Gadget Insert Organiser for Marriott by adding a cloth tag on the side with their logo.


    AGVA Luggage Tag for Marriott


    To complete the 3-in-1 travel gift set, we attached a customised luggage tag to the duffel bag. The logo is printed on using silkscreen technology


    2. Global Sales Office Corporate Events

    Marriott Global Sales Office requested for a simple tote bag that they can gift their clients during their corporate events. We both agreed on a customised Shopper Tote Bag with twin top handles, using 100% PVC material which resembles patent leather.

    AGVA Tote Bag for Marriott

    The logo, as well as Marriott's global brands presence, are printed directly on the PVC tote bag using silkscreen technology.

    Subsequently for their next few events, we came up with a new version of the Tote Bag.

    AGVA Tote Bag for Marriott


    We changed the material of the bag to water-resistant nylon and added faux leather clasp to the twin top handles to give it a more premium feel. The logo is more subtle this time - hand-stitched as a woven tag on the tote bag.

    3. Corporate Event

    AGVA Hanging Travel Pouch

    Marriott has also ordered our AGVA Travel Hanging Travel Pouch as a door gift for one of their corporate events. This travel toiletry pouch is made of water-resistant polyester nylon material with multiple organisational compartment for our travel toiletries. We applied silkscreen technology to add the corporate logo directly onto the fabric of the pouch.



    Keen to order corporate gifts or corporate premiums from us? Contact us at or drop us a message here. We also take in corporate bulk orders! For more information, you can check out our corporate gifts FAQ here.