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    We had this amazing opportunity to design and produce several backpacks, laptop bags, laptop sleeves, car accessories, and travel accessories for Subaru Asia's retail launch. These items contribute to a part of their retail merchandise which they will be displayed in their showrooms soon.

    Both our teams went through several months of design conceptualisations, meetings, materials selections, samples mock-up, and we are proud and excited to show you the following bags and in-car accessories which we designed and produced exclusively for Subaru!


    According to Subaru's specifications and requirements, we designed and manufactured 3 backpack designs for them exclusively.

    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-1
    This backpack can fit laptops that are up to 15.6" and is made of lightweight weather-resistant high-quality polyester.
    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-2
    It has 2 spacious compartments that come with a myriad of smart compartments designed for the busy on-the-go urban males.
    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-3
    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-4
    We added paddings at the back to make it more comfortable and to support the user's back when they carry heavy load.

    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-7

    The design is also available in light grey. We love the faux leather strap feature we added to the zipper pullers!

    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-8

    The logo was debossed on a faux leather band and hand-stitched on the front of the bag.

    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-7
    This was another backpack design we created for them. Made of water and weather resistant nylon, it is good to bring along for a short 2-day business trip or if you want to rough it up a mountain. We made a special zippered easy access pocket at the bottom of the backpack so that users can keep their cables, travel accessories, or even slippers in there for easy access!
    AGVA Subaru Backpack 15.6"-8

    We added a luggage slot at the back for luggage handle too! As you can see, the back comes fully padded for support and comfort. We produced this design in black too for customers who like the sleek, cool look.


    Laptop Carry Cases

    For laptop carry cases, we created 3 different designs for Subaru. They convey an urban tone with muscular sleekness imbued in them.

    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-1
    This design is made of lightweight and durable weatherproof polyester fabric - not easily subjected to wear and tear. The fabric is thicker as well so it is resilient to heavy duty.

    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-2

    The zips are strong and won't break when the laptop bag is subjected to excessive stretching and bulks up.
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-3
    We added a specialised front organisational panel compartment to this laptop bag so that users can have easy access to their daily travel accessories.

    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-5
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-8
    It also comes in navy blue.
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-6
    With a slot at the back for luggage handle.
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-9
    This design comes from the same series with one of the backpacks and a laptop sleeve. The unique feature is the faux leather band across the textured weatherproof polyester fabric - giving it a classic look.

    The logo is laser printed on a metal square plate and attached to the front of the bag.

    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-10

    There are also several smart compartments in it to organise business + daily essentials.
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-11
    This design is an especially masculine design for Subaru's targeted customers. The material is water-resistant textured nylon.

    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-12
    Customers can choose to sling it or carry it like a briefcase.
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Carry Case-14
    There are also multiple interior and exterior smart organisation compartments for a 2-day business trip, with a luggage slot at the back of the laptop briefcase too.


    Laptop Sleeve

    We also designed and produced this 14.1" lightweight laptop sleeve. It has a tough water-resistant polyester exterior, and a soft and silky inner satin lining to cushion your laptop and other electronic gadgets from any damage.

    AGVA Subaru Laptop Sleeve-1
    We also added a faux leather band across the sleeve to give it a distinct look while retaining it's classiness and style.
    AGVA Subaru Laptop Sleeve-2


    Car Accessories

    These car accessories are made with a strong and durable polyester material which can be cleaned easily - a feature which we recognised is important for car owners. They can be customised to different sizes according to customer's specifications. They are designed such that they are highly portable and can be kept easily when not in use.

    1. Boot Storage Organiser (with Cooler Box)

    AGVA Subaru Boot Storage Organiser w Cooler Bag

    2. Car Accessory Organiser

    AGVA Subaru In Car Accessory Organiser

    3. Mini Pocket Seat Organiser

    AGVA Subaru Mini Pocket Seat Organiser

    Travel Accessories

     A 5-in-1 Rollaway Travel Accessories set was created as well. We customise the pouches by sewing a label tag and also using silkscreen printing to add the company's logo on the pouches. These pouches are good for organising your gadgets, makeup, shoes, and even dirty laundry during travelling!

     AGVA Subaru Travel Accessories



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