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    Tokio Marine has been a regular client of ours, and we have worked together with them for several of their key events, specifically their corporate business meetings and a dinner and dance function. We are thankful for the opportunities they had extended to us. To us, it is also an affirmation of our products and most importantly, our service to our clients.


    Corporate Event Corporate Gifts

    Tokio Marine worked with us to procure corporate gifts for their clients for two separate events. Here are some of the gifts they chose and customised:

    1. Hanging Travel Toiletry Pouch

    An existing AGVA item, they chose this for its functionalities, minimalism, and of course the quote ;) We customised the toiletry pouch by applying their corporate logo using silkscreen technology directly onto the fabric at the front of the pouch.

    AGVA Hanging Traveller Toiletry Bag for Tokio Marine

    2. 5-in-1 Rollaway Travel Bags Set

    In another corporate business event, they ordered the 5-in-1 Rollaway Travel Bags Set for their clients. We also designed and printed the packaging for this travel set.

    The 5 individual zippered travel pouches are made of water-resistant soft nylon, and comes in different sizes for organising different types of travel essentials. Each pouch can also be rolled away individually and secured with its own elastic strap to be stored compactly.

    AGVA 5-in-1 Travel Bag Set for Tokio Marine

    We customised this for Tokio Marine by applying their corporate logo directly on the fabric at the back of each pouch using silkscreen technology. A woven logo was also sewn on each pouch.


    Dinner and Dance

    For one of their company's annual dinner and dance event, we developed a 2-in-1 Travel Bundle Set to be gifted as a door gift to their employees. The bundle set comprises of a drawstring roll down travel pouch and a portable travel organiser, both made of water-resistant nylon and with the company's logo printed on the front.

    1. Drawstring Roll Down Travel Pouch

    AGVA Travel Drawstring Pouch for Tokio Marine

    2. Portable Travel Organiser

    AGVA Portable Travel Organiser for Tokio Marine



    Another one of our existing AGVA items, we customised it for Tokio Marine by applying their corporate logo at the front of the pouch directly on the fabric using silkscreen technology. The portable travel organizer bag was then placed inside the drawstring travel pouch and displayed as a 2-in-1 travel set for the guests.



    Keen to order corporate gifts or corporate premiums from us? Contact us at or drop us a message here. We also take in corporate bulk orders! For more information, you can check out our corporate gifts FAQ here.